I Don’t Understand the Point of State Books

I, like many Americans, live in a state.


Unfortunately, it’s one of the square poor ones.


Recently, the legislature decided that the state book was going to be the Holy Bible.  Now, I appreciate that you like a book, and I have absolutely nothing against it or religion in general.  I majored in Religious Studies, I’m not even kidding.  I appreciate religion and find a lot of it really interesting, and I understand the impact religion as a whole has had and continues to have on the world.

However, I can only assume their list of possible candidates looked something like this:


When you’re brainstorming you aren’t supposed to go with your first, second, or third idea because those are the most obvious.

But what do I know?

I guess the “problem” I have with the choice of state book, if you could call it a problem, is only this: What does the Bible have to do with any state in the USA, really?  Shouldn’t the state book have been written in the state or at least the same damn continent?  Does this mean you could literally pick anything to be the state book?

There is a book set in my state and you know what?  It’s a pretty famous movie staring John Wayne shooting commies.  I think like, that might be a better idea.  It was written by a guy who lived in the state and takes place in the state.  Maybe not the best choice, but at least it’s like, about the state.  Well, who knows, I’m certainly probably an idiot.

I mean, if you look at the state song of an state it seems like they just picked the first song with the states name in it.  The prime example is Idaho, whose state song is “Here We Have Idaho,” which is presumably the only song that it’s possible to write about Idaho.

I understand that a lot of people like The Bible.  It’s a pretty important book, but that doesn’t automatically mean it should be a symbol for a state, does it?  Lots of people like Twilight, maybe that should be the Washington state book.  Oh wait, Twilight actually takes place in Washington so maybe that makes too much sense.

Given that pretty much any book can be the state book, I propose the state song be Highway to Hell by ACDC.  The State bird can be a dragon and the state animal can be a bigger dragon.  Why the h*ck not?

I guess I should just accept it.  I’m glad our Legislators used their time on such a meaningful addition to the list of totally important and meaningful state symbols.  Everyone can probably name all of them, huh?  Like the state flower or the state damn butterfly.  How about the state mineral?

Eh, idk.